Open Letter To Christians Celebrating Same Sex Couples


Dear Christian friend,

You’re a gracious believer in Christ faithfully serving in your local church.  But based on our conversations, it’s clear that you agree with the cultural refrain that Christians should shed the label of being “narrow-minded haters” by finally embracing same-sex relationships.  Here was our last conversation:

YOU:  How can it be wrong for two committed gay people to be in a loving relationship?

ME:  The Bible makes it clear that homosexuality is a sin.

YOU:  We can’t expect everyone to believe what our Bible says.

ME:  True, but it’s the standard that Christians use to judge right from wrong.

YOU:  The Bible also says you should stone a homosexual to death.  I don’t see you advocating for that.

ME:  Well, no.  That was the civil law God gave to Israel through the old covenant.  We live under the new covenant in Christ and we hold to the moral law seen throughout scripture.

YOU:  Sounds like you’re picking and choosing what you want to believe.  Gay people were born with those feelings and God loves them.  I think our church needs to get past the condemnation and show God’s love.

You and I could rehash this conversation again and again but what’s the point, right?   Instead, I just want to get at the root of our disagreement instead of endlessly arguing biblical semantics.

In my hand is a leather Bible with two words etched on the front cover that read “Holy Bible”. You have that same Bible in your hand.  But here’s the difference between you and me; you have a second bible in your hand.  You can’t see it because its invisible but it’s just as real as the leather-bound Bible you’re holding.  That other bible is titled “Values of the Current Culture”.  In that book is a list of all the latest trends in cultural thinking highlighted by the ever popular spin on the verse “judge not lest you be judged.”

Our culture despises the fact that when the Holy Bible calls homosexuality a sin against God, many Christians simply accept it as truth.  The world considers us narrow-minded haters because we embrace the teachings of an ancient text that place sex within the confines of heterosexual marriage.  It now seems that you agree with the culture.

But don’t you see?  You’re narrow-minded, too.  You narrowly interpret truth through the prism of present-day culture using your invisible bible.  You crack open that bible to find your moral bearings while disregarding your leather-bound Bible as too outdated or obscure to provide the same.  When our culture commands that we celebrate all consensual sexual practices, you blindly accept it as gospel truth.  When your Holy Bible commands we turn from those same practices, you boldly deny it as expired dogma.

As receivers of God’s grace, we don’t stand on a soapbox of moral authority on the subject of human sexuality.  We pray on bended knee from a posture of mutual brokenness.  While you and I might not appear to be desperately broken to outsiders, our secret thoughts and actions betray our clean exterior.  We are broken and we were born that way.  While your gay neighbor may appear perfectly normal, most assuredly he is just as broken as you and me.  He was born that way which is why Christ commands that he be born again.

So dear Christian friend, please put aside the invisible bible that denies the brokenness and refutes the repentance.  I trust that you sincerely believe you’re loving your gay neighbor by side-stepping the Bible’s claims on sexuality, but you aren’t loving anyone.  You’re my brother in Christ and I love you but it seems to me that you are being the narrow-minded hater.  

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